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New Berlin West Yearbook


Shelley Schneider


High School & Middle School Yearbooks

To order:  go to

  • Discounts apply the earlier you order.


Senior Photo Requirements


*Senior photos will be due November 1st to guarantee a yearbook spot

*The photo must be portrait (vertical), not landscape

*Photos should be emailed to   (a confirmation email will be sent to you)

   + Please do not submit photos to any other email address- we will not be able to guarantee they are received.

*Include students first and last name in the email

*The photo must be 300 dpi or higher quality

*Photo must be school appropriate- we reserve the right to decline any photos not deemed school appropriate

*Hint:   The best looking photos are those that are close-ups of the student without the use of multiple props and distracting backgrounds.  Keep in mind  that the final photo in the yearbook will be approximately 2 x 3.


Additional  Requests for Photos:
Baby Ads or Recognition Ads:
  The yearbook staff will be making this decision by the end of September.  Please watch for an email that will offer you the chance to purchase an ad.

Elementary Photos:   Again, we may be requesting you to share photos of your students’ elementary school  days. This decision will be made by the end of September and you will receive a request via email.

Class of 2021 Group Photo:  The date for this photo has not yet been scheduled.  Watch school announcements for the date and time.

Questions:   please send an email to